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About us

Ascots of London's Dry Cleaning Story

Ascots of London came into fruition to make dry cleaning & laundry in London quicker, easier and less time consuming. Life at times get us all in a hurry, and at Ascots of London, we work to accommodate all of us in a hurry! We all are comprised of busier schedules as the years pass and as a result, we do not always have the time to drop off, pick up or even think about giving our garments the attention they deserve!

Ascots of London have established a fully functioning service to meet your exact needs. To do this, we have five set time slots daily that you can choose from! This saves you the time, money and burden to travel or think about commuting to do your dry cleaning or laundry! Ascots of London believes in simplicity but with it, quality and convenience.

Where you are in a hotel, just arriving from holiday, or not in, you can leave your garments with your porter or concierge. Our swift dry cleaning collection and delivery service will collect and deliver your garments even if you are not in, allowing you piece of mind and comfort. To find out more about this service, visit our Gold Members section.

Our primary focus is on delivery quality and convenience. Some dry cleaners offer very low prices but in turn compromise quality and in turn reduce the lifetime of your garments. At Ascots of London we never cut corners and aim to give your garments the dedication and care they require. All our garments are hand finished with care.

Quality Control

Ascots of London ensures that each item that is serviced, has been treated with the utmost attention and finish that it requires. This is why we have a specifically catered user-friendly process as well as a friendly and passionate staff at your disposal.

All our garments undergo strict inspection and quality control from beginning to end.

  • 1. Initial Inspection – Garments are thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning. Our experienced proffesionals look for any specific detailing that requires protection, removal or may be delicate.
  • 2. Stain Removal – Our experienced proffesionals identify stains throughout the garment then use a mixture of both traditional and modern techniques to remove any stains in the garment.
  • 3. Cleaning – Whether it requires Dry Cleaning, Hydrocarbon cleaning, laundering or hand cleaning we carry out cleaning procedures using only finest quality detergents and solvents using environmentally friendly methods where possible.
  • 4. Hand finishing – All garments are then hand finished using pressers of the highest standard to individually finish your garments to your specific requirements. Should you have any special request, please notify our team.
  • 5. Inspection – Every garments undergoes a final inspection to ensure that it is returned to its owner in pristine condition.
  • 6. Packaging – We pack all our garments to protect them on their journey back to the customer. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible reducing unnecessary use of packaging and thus reducing our carbon footprint. Should you require wooden hangers or have any special requirements please inform our team.

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